Song A Week #15 – Shadows

This one may be cheating a little bit…Well not really, since it’s not against any of the “official” rules to this Song A Week challenge.

I got inspired to dust off this song from many years ago. It was part of a batch of songs I planned to record over 20 years ago.

Appropriate that its title is Shadows. Back then so much of my life was ruled by the Shadows in my unconscious mind. Those shadows got the best of me, and I never finished recording the songs for that album. They got shuffled away into cold storage. Those shadows even convinced me to put away the guitar and stop singing!


And, while those shadows have slightly less control over me now, they are still here.

I feel them whispering in the background every time I’m recording the weekly song. I hear them speaking their words of fear and doubt each time I’m getting ready to press the share button.

But so far I haven’t let them stop me this time!

So it felt appropriate to include this one as a tribute to the progress that happens with time.

I did make a few upgrades to the song. Some minor tweaks to the lyrics, a new bridge, tighter groove. Hopefully they’re improvements!

Leave a comment below to let me know if you think this was cheating! 😉



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