Song A Week #16 – White Wing Crow

White Wing Crow - Song by Edward Mills

Many years ago I saw a white wing crow while hiking. At first I thought it was a lost magpie. But I got close enough to see that it was, in fact, a crow. I also saw that all the other crows were buzzing and badgering it, trying to get him/her to go away. They didn’t want those white wings hanging out with them.

I imagined how horrible it must feel to be unwanted and unwelcome in your tribe. The crazy thing is that the next day I saw that white wing crow flying – alone – at my house. Crazy coincidence?

Last week in my morning creation time I started noodling on the guitar and came up with a sweet chord progression. And soon the image of the white wing crow slipped into my awareness. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time so it definitely came as a surprise.

I went with it and this song is what came through.

Oh, and I made an executive decision to try a different video style for this one – mostly because I was really struggling to get the live action video looking good enough. And I also realized I was spending as much time on the videos for these as I was on the songs… and since I’m not trying to become a better video editor, that didn’t make sense to me. So going forward I’ll probably be doing more of these “lyric videos” so I can spend more time getting the songs sounding better.

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