Walk In Beauty - Edward MillsThe Walk In Beauty Album is available for pre-orders!

I’m experimenting with a Choose Your Own Price payment model for the downloadable version of the album. Be sure to update the price in the shopping cart to reflect the price you want to pay. Thanks!

Pre-Order the Downloadable version of Walk In Beauty here.

Pre-Order the Walk In Beauty physical CD here.

Official launch date for the CD is March 1st, 2018.

Downloadable audio files should be available by February 20th (ish).

For the downloadable version of the album I’m experimenting with a choose-your-own-price model. The intention is to take price out of the equation so that the uplifting songs on this album are available to anyone who wants to listen.

And the hope is that enough people will choose a price that supports me in the creation of more uplifting, inspirational music.

Couple of notes on the Choose Your Own Price thing:

When you go to the checkout page you’ll see that there is a minimum price of $7 for the downloadable version. This is the prices that feel like a good starting point. You can leave the price where it is (totally fine) or choose to enter a higher amount in the field that says “Choose your price” (definitely appreciated!)

Unless you REALLY want the physical CD I encourage you to get the download version of the album. It’s better for the environment, easier for me (nothing to ship) and one less CD to get lost in your collection!

I’ve set the base price of the CD higher to encourage people to go with the downloadable version.

If you do REALLY want the physical CD… awesome… I totally support you (and admit that this CD and the packaging are amazingly beautiful)! If you do order the physical CD please consider the cost of shipping when you choose your price. It costs around $4 to ship a CD in the US and considerably more than that to ship internationally.

A couple of extra cool things to consider. If you choose $25 or more for the digital version, I’ll include the Complete Download Package for you. This includes a beautiful downloadable poster with the original album art, another gorgeous downloadable poster with the lyrics to the song Walk In Beauty and a new bonus song that will be recorded and released in March or April.

And if you choose $45 or more for the CD you will get a signed copy of the CD along with the Complete Download Package with all the goodies!

That’s it. If you have any questions, send me an email

Here are the links to preorder!

Pre-Order the Downloadable version of Walk In Beauty here.

Pre-Order the Walk In Beauty physical CD here.

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