The Walk In Beauty Album has been born!

You can go get it right now over at my Bandcamp store.

I’m experimenting with a Choose Your Own Price payment model for the album. Be sure to update the price in the shopping cart to reflect the price you want to pay. Thanks!

Unless you REALLY want the physical CD I encourage you to get the download version of the album. It’s better for the environment, easier for me (nothing to ship) and one less CD to get lost in your collection!

A couple of extra cool things to consider.

If you choose $25 or more for the digital version, I’ll include the Complete Download Package for you. This includes a beautiful downloadable poster with the original album art, another gorgeous downloadable poster with the lyrics to the song Walk In Beauty and a new bonus song that will be recorded and released in April.

And if you choose $45 or more for the CD you will get a signed copy of the CD along with the Complete Download Package with all the goodies!

That’s it. If you have any questions, send me an email

Get your copy of the album here.


Copyright Edward Mills © 2018
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